Parenting for closer connection, cooperation and peace of mind

Parenting is hard. Some parents want to do things very differently than their parents and struggle to figure out what that looks like. Reflecting on your own experience as a child is useful for changing old patterns and designing new strategies for success. Other parents worry about whether they are making the best decisions or disciplining appropriately. Others want to give their child an emotional vocabulary to express themselves more capably. Some parents worry so much that they give their child the message that they do not have confidence in the child's abilities aka helicopter parents. Like the flight attendant says, adults should put the oxygen mask on first before they put it on the kids. In other words, if you aren't fully there for your child who will be? I help parents focus on themselves in order for them to be the best role models for their kids.

I work with parents individually and in groups. If you are interested in getting support from other parents with tweens and teens click here to find out about the group forming now.