Parenting Skills Support Group: Talking to Tween and Teens

End the arguments and create a closer connection with your teen. Maybe even enjoy spending time with them! 

If you are struggling with...

  • yelling at your teen
  • arguing with your teen
  • getting your teen to cooperate
  • how to discipline
  • not being on the same page as your partner when it comes to parenting
  • wondering why your teen shuts down in the middle of a conversation
  • repeating yourself in order to get your teen to do something
  • wondering what to do when you get the teen eye rolls

Then, this group is for you! You will...

  • learn evidence based tools to respond calmly even if you aren’t feeling calm so that you can have productive conversation instead of a pointless argument
  • increase trust in your kids so that they will come to you when they really need you
  • have a teen that will confide in you so that you can support and guide them
  • set limits in a loving effective way which makes them feel safe and respect you more
  • gain cooperation so that you teach your teen how to be a team player
  • handle your teen’s difficult emotions without trying to fix the situation so you can reduce the misunderstandings which lead to shutdowns
  • address differences in parenting styles to reduce tension in your marriage

Why group?

Groups are an amazing way to get support, find out if your teen’s behavior is normal, share fears and worries and learn new ways to communicate that will be useful in all areas of your life. As someone who works with couples a lot, I see first hand what happens when kids have had poor parenting. Kids with weak communication skills turn into adults who are unable to apologize, compromise and have conflicts that are much more difficult to resolve. 

Each week you will have an activity to implement with your child to increase your connection. We will share our wins as well as our frustrations. I believe strongly that every interaction is an opportunity for a closer connection, and I will give you the tools to make it happen. It really works. I use this stuff with my kids all the time!

Get the blueprint for better communication so you can feel confident managing any situation that comes up and have a closer relationship with your teen!


$60/week for a 6 week session to go from overwhelmed and frustrated with your child to more connected and communicating with ease! 

Tuesdays at 7:00pm.  Starts January 15th.

Complete the form below, and I will contact you to get started!