Do you argue with your partner a lot? Do you feel alone in your relationship? Are you trying to figure out if you are in the right relationship? If so, I can help.

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Unable to discuss certain topics with your kids? Do you worry about them more than necessary? Need help setting limits? If so, I can help.

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Are you overwhelmed? Feeling like you aren't getting it right? Having trouble with your relationships? If so, I can help.

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Does any of the following sound familiar?
- Avoiding difficult subjects
- Feeling disconnected
- Being angry with your partner
- Your parenting styles negatively affect your relationship
- Arguments about money

If so, therapy can help. Hi, I'm Shana Stein. I help couples with counseling services in Evanston. Being heard and understood is a critical component of a successful relationship. I love to help couples, parents and individuals communicate more clearly in order to feel more understood. If you are struggling with effective communication, working together will help you reconnect with your partner or your child. Let’s try to figure out what you want so that you may feel more connected to your partner, kids and friends. I provide a warm, non-judgmental, safe environment that is interactive. Clients appreciate my direct style and sense of humor. 


1604 Chicago Avenue Suite 10
Evanston, IL 60201


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Every interaction is an opportunity for connection.